Shashwat Rasayana tablets || keeps you younger & delays ageing

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Each Uncoated Tablet Contains (A.B.)

  • Giloy Tinospora Cordifolia 165mg
  • Amla Emblica Officinalis 165mg
  • Gokharu Tribulus Terrestris 165mg


General weakness, tiredness, Hair fall, Body pain, Low immunity, Recurrent Urine infection, Diabetis, Prostate

Thus sage Rishi munis maintained their health for long life,let’s start shashwat rasayan for our well being

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Which herbs cures aging & diseases,keeps you younger
Also good for eyes,full of nourishment, improving vitality too it’s called “RASAYANA”.After consuming rasayan herbs,people live longer,improves memory,gets diseases free life,young body,glowing skin..
Rasayan means delayed aging process,keeps you young,works as anti aging ,each&every cells nourishes.prevents future disorders,
Specially hereditary disorders like diabetes, prostate etc.
Who suffers from these disorders,they can save their selves from long term side effects from diabetes retino pathy,neuropathy, nephropathy.
Rasayan ‘s herbs boost immunity, prevents arthritis,improves reproductive organs efficiency.(kidney to urethra)
Keeps Hair& skin younger,reduces wrinkles,hairfall,makes growth of hairs too..

You have to consume daily twice as food till you live..
After some years of consumption,people will say after seeing you,you look younger surely..this is 100% fact.
Thus Rishi munis maintained n kept them self young for a long time and they always had rasayan daily

5 reviews for Shashwat Rasayana tablets || keeps you younger & delays ageing

  1. Himanshu K Patel

    Magic tablet for excellent health and younger look 👌 👌👌👌👌

  2. Sapna patel

    Really good tables good health I really lovely experience using this teblet younger looks 👌👍

  3. Seema Alok Rana

    The tablets give me a sense of refreshment and energy. Thank you

  4. Namrata Gurung

    It has been almost 2 yrs that me and my husband started taking Rasayan vati, prescribed n manufactured by Vaid Mihir Khattri , Shaswat Ayurveda. It’s awesome and works magically. Within 10 days of taking Rasayan vati , we both felt that ,we can be on our toes for the whole day without even a sense of feeling tired. It works internally n externally too. My hair got the volume back . Though at times I got some bloating issues but Dr. Prescribed to take after meal not on empty stomach. Not only Rasayan vati but all other medicines made by Dr. Mihir is result worthy. The only Dr. We can trust n have faith is Dr. Mihir Khattri n his wife Dr. Vandana Khattri. So, Pl switch over to Ayurveda. Thank you

  5. Ravi Gurung

    Rasayana Tablet are the best 👌 I am taking it since the last 2 years . It keeps me charged up and active hole day long, tiredness varnishes. You don’t need any artificial supplements for your body, which is not good. So better switch over to Rasayan Tablet as it works magic from head to toe.

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